Unveiling Innovative Research at the 20th World Dermatology Congress

Yvette Chase-Batts Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Hampton Roads Virginina

David Gan loves to solve complex puzzles and problems that require knowledge from multiple disciplines. The fun lies in constantly learning and connecting the dots from various sources and then developing a strategy to solve the problem. As Senior Principal Scientist in Mary Kay’s Research and Development team, skin science research allows him to do that every day.

One of the most fulfilling parts of his job is when a plan involving many moving parts and people come together. It’s the ultimate achievement when an impossible project is a success because everyone on the team played their unique role and individuals went beyond their own limits and expectations.

At the 20th World Dermatology Congress held in Singapore on March 13-14, David unveiled groundbreaking skin research in improving facial erythema, a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by persistent redness. Our team of Mary Kay scientists identified botanical extracts that help reduce the production of pro-inflammatory proteins and enzymes in the skin. We developed a cosmetic formulation containing these extracts to effectively address facial redness and after four weeks of use, evaluations from clinical grading revealed a significant reduction in overall facial redness and improved skin health. The results of our research will enable us to develop irresistible, science-based products for our Mary Kay consumers worldwide. As a skin biologist, there’s nothing more rewarding than addressing skin issues that impact women and creating groundbreaking products that provide skin benefits consumers are searching for.

As one of the world’s leading skincare innovators in the direct selling and cosmetic industries, Mary Kay continues its decades-long commitment to skin science research as a sponsor of World Dermatology 2019. The prestigious event brings together the world’s foremost skincare experts from the dermatology community to exchange information on technological advances and new scientific achievements. It’s one of a series of Mary Kay partnerships with the scientific and academic communities worldwide to advance skin health research and development. 

David Gan is a Senior Principal Scientist with Mary Kay’s Research and Development, leading the Skin and Clinical Research team. With over 21 years of experience in skin science research, David has more than 50 inventions globally, which support various Mary Kay® skin care products around the world.

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